Namaqualand, Northern Cape Province, South Africa

Nama Khoi Local Municipal Area

(Previously "Kookfontein" - 1810 to present)

Your first contact point on a visit to Steinkopf should be Letitia (photo top left) at the "Kookfontein Rondawels", just outside Steinkopf on the way to Vioolsdrif. She is the Chairperson of the Steinkopf Tourism Forum. 

In the bottom left picture is Henri, a qualified tour guide, who could take you through the attractions in and around Steinkopf.

Letitia can be contacted at +27 (0)78 126 0808, +27 (0)27 721 8841 or .  For a map and directions to their office, please follow this link to the Kookfontein Rondawels page.

Henri can be contacted on +27 (0)78 925 2612, or via Letitia.

Apart from the Kookfontein Rondawels, there is a comfortable, spacious and tidy guest house with shaded off-street parking in town called CEDSWILL. For a map, directions and more info please follow this link to the CEDSWILL Guesthouse page.

Steinkopf offers an intriguing number of historical buildings and surrounding sites with a lot of sentiment attached to them.

Half-day and one-day site seeing tours are available, including donkey cart rides, and there is even an informative two-day hiking trail which includes a sleep-over night with traditional Nama food, hospitality and stories.

Below is a list of features and things to do in Steinkopf:

  • RHENISH MISSION STATION - Steinkopf was a Rhenish Mission Station and has a rich and interesting history.  Sites include the original Rhenish church, the original parsonage – both build by the Rhenish missionary, Rev. Brecher, and the graves of the Brecher family.

  • OUR ANCESTRAL HISTORY - The Khoikhoi / Nama were the original inhabitants of Namaqualand and Steinkopf.  They left a proud history of strong leadership and cultural values.  Come experience this part of our history.

  • OLD KLIPFONTEIN WITH THE ORIGINAL WATER TOWER - Visit the site of the old Klipfontein Hotel, which was a stop-over for the old mule-train of the O’kiep Copper Company, during the last two centuries.

  • THE NAMA GROUP - Come and hear the original language spoken by the people of Namaqualand .  Be entertained by traditional Nama-dancing, delicacies and see the traditional dwellings of our ancestors.  Listen to this group singing hymns in Nama.

  • STEINKOPF HIGH AND FERDINAND BRECHER PRIMęR SCHOOL CHOIRS - Come and experience the exceptional talent of these young learners.  Listen to these young nightingales singing English, Afrikaans, Nama and Xhosa songs.

  • GRAVES OF BRITISH SOLDIERS AND PRIVATES AT KLIPFONTEIN ( S.A. WAR) - Visit the graves of these soldiers who died at Klipfontein.

  • KINDERLę - Visit the mass grave site of the tragic children massacre of Nama children by the San, two centuries ago.

  • IMMANUEL SUCCULENT NURSERY AND WORKSHOP FOR DISABLED - Visit our local nursery of plants that is indigenous to this semi-desert region.  Exhibitions of local Arts & Crafts on a daily basis.

  • ART GALLERY - At the historical Rhenish church with paintings by Bettie Cilliers Barnard and Frans Claerhoudt.

  • NONA-AMS - Visit the traditional communal farm grounds of the Van Wyk-family.  Hear the stories of Steinkopf’s inhabitants, how people survived, what the economy was two centuries ago, and their role in the South African War.  Sites include memorials to the Van Wyk family and the South African War, as well as the original road to Port Nolloth.

  • ABRAHAM VIGILAND OORLAM - Most important Nama-leader in Steinkopf during the missionary era.  He died by drinking poisoned tea.  Site include the graves of Vigiland and his wife.

  • KHOEKHOEN ROCK ART - The rock art of Khoekhoen herders is easily distinguished from that of the San – despite the fact that there was considerable overlap between the two cultures, even in their art – because it is made up primarily of geometric designs, large dots and hand prints.  Paint was applied to the rock face with the finger and not a brush.  Come witness it with us.



Experience Steinkopf on a donkey cart!

We offer the following packages:

  • Morning rides (± 2 hours)
  • A half day ride in town (Steinkopf)
  • A full day ride to places of interest around Steinkopf


 Experience Steinkopf and surroundings on foot!

We have recently laid out our first 1 night and 2 days hiking trail.  The Klipfontein / Uitkyk Meander.

Don’t forget your hiking shoes and camera.  It will be fun in the sun!


We offer 7 customized guided tours with a specialized THETA accredited guide.  

  • Nama Cultural Day Tour.
  • Steinkopf Nature Walk.
  • Town Walkabout.
  • Klipfontein / Uitkyk Meander (Hiking).
  • Flower tours (in season).
  • Halfmens (Pachipodium Namaquensis) Succulent tour.
  • Gospel Tour (Sundays).
  • Tailor made tours to meet the need of our customer.


Contact:  Henri Balie: +27 (0)71 863 5044 /

(Or reach Henri via Letitia - contact details higher up on this page.)



Soutpan Safari Camp Port Nolloth If your travels take you through Port Nolloth, the Soutpan Safari Camp is a good place to stay over if you like a campfire, wooden cabins and a sheltered area.

Guest Houses in Steinkopf

Cedswill Guesthouse

Kookfontein Rondawels

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